In Loving Memory of Jazz Virdee You will always be with us


The following are excerpts taken from Jazz’s Facebook page, in the days and weeks after her passing

Oh Jazzy 🙁 – Ani

:(((((((( – Melodie

xoxxxxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoooooooxoooooooooooooooxooooxooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooxxx – Regimental

I can’t believe it. – Mike

She truly was a special girl 🙂 – Robert

Love you Jazz… Thinking of all of you. – Solona

I can’t believe this. You were so wonderful and I’ll never forget. – Adam

This is unbelievable. Your spirit and your family are all in my thoughts and prayers. I’m so sorry. – Maddie

Going to miss you so much lady. So beautiful in every way. Xxxx – Georgina

Humanity has lost a great person, we will be all missing you =( – Eldar

Jazzy Fizzle, words cannot describe how I feel. Your love was so contagious, you will forever be in my thoughts. My thoughts are with your family and boyfriend. One love – Andre

You were such a special person, we will all miss you……:((((( – Bronia

I miss you sooo much…. =( – George

Jazz, I am shattered, I am still in shock.. you were such a great person, such a positive influence to all those around you, and you will be missed terribly. My thoughts are with your sister, mom and boyfriend… rest in peace Jazz. – Jimmy

When I heard the news today, I couldn’t believe it. And I still can’t. Abby and Kiran, I’m sorry for your loss. Jazz was amazing and although I was not as close as Chaya and Anouk were with Jazz, I still really miss her. She was fun, insightful, loving and always looking to help those in need. It’s a shame this happened to such a beautiful person. – Heidi

The world won’t be the same without you. – Daryl

Jazz, i now understand whats going on. Am filled with pain because we have lost a hero, beautiful and intelligent! I pray that your happy wherever you are. – Claire

Jazzy Pants I will remember you forever. Such a sweet fun girl with so much ambition and a huge heart, there aren’t many people like you that one can love soooo much right from the start. You had a positive impact on my life and I thank you for that. I’m very sorry to your family and other friends. – Bradly

Oh JAZZ, You are such a fantastic person and I will miss you very much. All my Uganda memories are filled with you and how kind and giving you were. I know you are resting in a better place now. I LOVE you. – Genie

The world has truly lost an incredible person and humanitarian. So many great memories Jazz. I am going to miss our talks and your enthusiasm more than you can imagine. CVAP-Group 1, 2007….. – Peter

You were an inspiration for all and will be deeply missed. CVAP-Group 1, 2007 With love, Jamea

Jazz, you were taken far too soon! Such an amazing soul, so beautiful and loving and you such an amazing contribution to our crazy world in such a short time! You will be greatly missed. My heart heart goes out to your family. – Charles

Jazz, you were such an amazing person. Such a kind, fun, loving spirit that will never be forgot. You were so full of life, and will be truly missed. I send my sympathy to her family and boyfriend and may thoughts of Jazz console them through this trying and tough time. Jazz I will never forget how I would try to sneakily sleep in, back in Uganda, but you always managed to catch me! Thanks for so many great memories! – Allison

Never in my life will i meet a person as kindhearted and generous as you were. You will never be forgotten and your legacy will live on. You are greatly missed. Rest in peace ♥ – Yehudis

Hey Jazz! Never take life for granted and I did. I often tought to go for a cofee together, but now we will never can. We lived our life apart for a long time, I will have like to keep in touch a little bit more (not only by facebook). You’re gone fast, but I’m shure your life was colorfull and fun and that you are leaving with a fulfill life. Thanks for everything you gave me. Enjoy your new life as much as the one you had. xoxox – Martin

Jazz, your glowing energy inspired me. I am thankful to have meet such an amazing person as you. All my thoughts to your friends and family. – Charlye

Rest in peace Jazz. I keep remembering that time we played scrabble at your apartment. Snow began to fall outside your window in May or something silly like that. You will be missed, but you know that already. – Dave

The few times we’ve met we spoke about the world and i remember feeling so inspired by you you will be greatly missed! my most deepest and sincerest condolences to all your loved ones! Rest in Peace ! ♥ – Devorah

We still can’t believe it. Jazz you will be greatly missed. Ishaan was very fond of you and you were really natural with kids. Our sincere condolences to friends and family. – Sonali and Jayant

Incredibly sad to hear the news but feel lucky to have shared some great moments with Jazz. ♥ ♥ – Aoife

You will always be here with us Jazz, RIP, thanks for always being so nice to us 🙂 – Somsay

I’m soo sad to hear about the loss of Jazz, I knew her when she was friends with Laura, such a tragedy, we lost a wonderful soul…but surely she is watching from above. – Elia

We will dance-off again in another world! RIP Jazz you were an amazing human being. – Marc

I can’t believe this happened. You were the best. I miss you. – Sean

Jazz, I keep beginning to write but I don’t know how to express the shock I’m feeling. You were an incredible mentor to me in Uganda, and I have always – and will always – admire and be inspired by your compassion, humour, intelligence, and dedication. You and your loved ones are in my prayers. ♥ – Caity

I don’t know what to say. I feel incredibly sad. Thank you for all that you gave. You and your loved ones are in my heart. Love. – Tonje

Jazz words cant express the shock and sadness i feel about the news, I never got to thank you greatly for all you did for CVAP and for Me in Uganda that summer. You lived life to the fullest, never holding back….am glad we were friends, RIP Jazz Virdee. – Awel

Jazz, thank you for your intelligence, your wicked sense of humour and for introducing me to Madlibs. You’ll be sorely missed in London, love love love xxx – Victoria

Jazz was my flat mate in London for 9 month. We used to meet occasionally in our kitchen, share food some times and of course discuss courses. She was one of the kindest persons I have met. Having her as a friend in early days at the LSE helped me a lot. – Hamid

Life isn’t fair sometimes and this is one of those moments, you will be miss by me and many others. sending my love to you where ever you are x x x – Aaron

I just can’t make sense of any of this. You were so wonderful and special… – Adam

You were an amazıng person and ıncreadıbly ınspıratıonal. My thoughts go out to your famıly, loved ones and your boyfrıend. – Lauren

Unbelievably shocking. RIP Jazz. My thoughts and sincere sympathies go out to all your loved one’s. – Raffaela

I’m gonna miss you so much, Electro-Girl (Thats how I used to call her). RIP Jazz…U were one of a kind and that’s why I got along with you so well. – Nikolai

My love, thoughts and prayers go out to all of Jazz’s family and friends. Always appreciate the ones you love. – Yaacov

Jazz – A beautiful person inside and out. Words can’t express how much you will be missed. – Jessica

Heaven has brought home one of her brightest stars. May her light embrace the hearts of her Mom and dear sister till they meet again. love always, Mabyn

Can’t believe this. Jazz is one of the most amazing people I have ever met! – Daniel

Life is short ,you lived it to the fullest. Thank you for all the moments we were in Mongolia ,thank you for the hard work you did and the sacrifices you made to change lives around the globe . I don’t know what better words , we will probably meet again some days to cheer up . you were such a social person who was always cheerful and we did dance ! Rest in Peace Jazz:( – Nickson

I’ve only just found out and am in shock. What a dreadful loss for us all: her family, friends and the world. I met you in the Amazon and I have such wonderful magical memories of our time together. I only wish I’d seen more of you since. To her mum and sister: she often talked of you – I feel like I’ve met you. – Helen

I was informed by Melodie last night about our tragic loss… I had`nt seen Jazz in a long time… but I see her face now, I remember her voice and will keep them close. We must take example on Jazz`z incredible motivation to take action and be conscious of others in need. Such a beautiful person. So pretty aswell. Respect, SF. – Sebastien

Jazz, I’ve been wanting to write something since I first heard, but haven’t been able to find the words. We were so shocked and saddened to hear about this, and I still can’t believe it. Hanging out with you has always been so much fun, you’ve always been so friendly and welcoming, and I won’t forget your enthusiasm and ability to keep the party going putting us to shame! It was awesome to get to know you last year in NYC, and especially over the summer. We’ll all miss you, RIP x x x x – Jessica

Jazz you will truly be missed. Your great energy and spirit will remain with all of us. You did more in your little lifetime than most people do in their entire life. I am forever grateful for having known you and for seeing the best in people. You were an amazing friend and am proud you were part of my life many years ago. Rest in peace. – Cheryl

Like so many have stated already, you served as an inspiration to anyone you met. I am so saddened that one of the world’s few truly good people is gone. Your life touched so many with your kindness, energy, fun, brilliance and beauty, and I’m thankful for having been one of the lucky ones to have met you. – Goldie

Jazzy Fizzle… You were a star. I am deeply saddened by this ragic news. Honored to have known you. Mwah.S.

If you would like to share your stories of Jazz, please post them bellow.

2 Responses to Stories

  1. ELia says:

    Jazz, even though i knew you thru my sister, i did get the chance to speak to you a few times. I always admired your intelligence and your strength of character. Its sad to see you gone so young. Everyone has a mission here in life and you lived yours to the fullest. Thats the only way I can make sense of this horrible tradgedy. If your listening, please take care you your loved ones from where you are and comfort them during this difficult time. You are in my prayers and may God, in whatever form you know it to be, keep you close.

    Viviani-Djellat family

  2. Kiran says:

    It’s taken me a while to face this page, and to read all the lovely comments. It’s no surprise that so many people cared about you, you (annoyingly) had that way about you! I miss you. I miss you every day.
    I remember being 14 and telling you that I wanted to get my first tattoo. Not only did I just think it was cool, but I wanted to be more like you too. You didn’t judge me, even if my ideas were stupid. You didn’t tell mom that her youngest was getting permanent ink on her. And you even yelled at your then-boyfriend when he accidentally spilled the beans in front of mom (that was a dramatic afternoon)!
    You were helpful and honest, but you treated me like an adult. All that adule treatment crumbled when I lay on the table and the needle went in. The artist was insensitive and even seemed to like hurting me. You comforted me and asked me if I wanted to stop or take a break. The artist was super irritated and you ignored her and even shoot her a few nasty looks. I remember being so upset that the artist was a jerk and that it was hurting so much, but it was the first time I truly appreciated you. I was always vocal about sticking up for you, and I guess you were more discrete. I needed to see it, and I did that day. Everytime thereafter, when I’ve been inked, I’ve thought of you and that moment.
    Now I’m at a point where I’m going to get a memorial piece done in your memory. I am looking forward to having one of our favourite artists at one of our favourite shops have the honour of doing your memorial piece. And although I’m looking forward to this, I am so heart-broken that you won’t be with me. I’d do anything to have a sister-fight with you. I’d give the rest of my life if it meant yelling at you to hurry up and get out of the shower. I’d love to roll my eyes while you rolled your cigarette and made us late for whatever it was we were up to. But alas, I cannot.
    I am hoping to feel your presence on Saturday when the needle goes in. You are always in my heart, but I’ll especially need you on Saturday monkey. I’ll remember when you held my hand and I’ll remember that maternal look you gave me when you saw me in pain. I’m forever grateful that you were my sister, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Love you loads and miss you madly,

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